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About myself:Thomas J. Stubbs
aka: Vecster

Videogame artist since June 1996. Worked with the following companies:

Acclaim Coin-Operated Entertainment:
June '96 - Feb. '97
Artist / Animator
VertiKill (unpublished)
Bad Assassins (unpublished),

Atari Games / Midway Games West:
June '97 - Feb. '03
Artist / Character design
San Francisco RUSH 2049 Arcade (published)
SF RUSH 2049 Tournament Edition (limited release)
Hot Rods Arcade (unpublished)
Nitrocity AKA "Custom Car Club" (unpublished)
Gladiator The Crimson Reign (unpublished)

Sony SCEA / 989 Studios:
April '03 - December '03
FX & Dynamics Artist
Rise to Honor PS2

Capcom Studio 8:
December '03 - March '06
Senior Background Artist
Final Fight Streetwise

The Collective / Foundation 9
July '06 to current
Senior Background Artist
Project: Not Announced

Vecster (24) is also listed as a game developer.