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About myself:One of the first games that I ever played was Ultima II on my C64. It hooked me forever on the C64 AND the Ultima series. Making me an Ultimate fan of Ultima.

Although my father got some games on the PC (It was still the XT) I was more orientated on the C64 than the PC, but I love them both. I'm also a person who always have loved to collect games to play them and to see if there are any differences between the versions.

Things to do:

1) Make better pictures of the screenshots of the MSX version of Ultima II.

2) Including the other games of the German Design Group on the C64;

a) Die Dunkle Dimension

b) Rings of Medusa

c) Warlord

d)Sterne wie Staub

e) Manager

f) Schwert und Magie I, II, III and IV, etc

3) Scan the manual of Die Dunkle Dimension of the Golden Disk 64 version, etc.

4) Scan side of the front box for the C64 version of Mean Streets.

5) Insert Spectre Challenger (Spectre Demo) in the Demo group or insert it in Cover Art.

6) Scan Newspaper of the German Version of Zak McKracken for the C64.

7) Scan the black version of disk 1 of Spellcasting 301.

8) Include Cover Art of Dragons of Flame.

9) Scan/picture the Multimedia CD-ROM of Gabriel Knight: The Sins of the Fathers.

10) Scan Leisure Suit Larry 2 Disks/Manual Kixx, et al.

11) Scan Jimmy White's "whirlwind" Snooker Manual and all.

12) Scan the UK release of the box of Legacy of the Ancients for the C64, manual, etc.

13) Scan the manual, code Wheel, etc of Secret of Monkey Island VGA DOS.

14) Scan the manual, Mix 'N' Mojo Wheel, addional paper, etc.

15) Screenshots of Hopeloos.

16) Screenshots of Ballooning/Ballonvaart.

17) Including more games of Five Ways Software Ltd.

18) Looking for more information about Datahouse Software and Bitstar/Software Boeder releases of Schwert und Magie.

19) Insert more Radarsoft games: Eindeloos, Horror Hotel, Zoo, Breaker, etc.