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About myself:Chris Owens (aka Christopher M. Owens) is a professional and avid video gamer; he has been heavily involved in Quality Assurance and contributed to producing/designing original titles in the gaming industry. Chris has a deep passion for interactive entertainment, and possesses over 8 years of hands-on experience to show for it. He has excellent comprehension and understanding of the video game development process. His history includes character and level design, and of course quality assurance project management. His gaming career begins in the summer of '99 as a entry level tester at Activision. After getting his foot in the door, Chris worked on such titles as Quake 3 · Intellivision Classics –· Shanghai Second Dynasty –· Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style · and the breakaway hit, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. In 2000, Chris was offered a job as a "Customer Service and QA Specialist" with a .com web-based gaming startup known as He helped design and manage both the QA and Customer Service departments. After about two years, Chris then moved on to Knowledge Adventure, a branch of Vivendi Universal. He was a Associate Lead in the QA Department, and worked on many educational and youth orientated games. In 2002, Chris then joined THQ as a Senior Tester in the QA Department. Chris moved up to Lead Tester and is continuing his quest to ensure the quality of all the products he ships. At THQ, Chris worked on the mixed martial arts fighting game Pride FC, WWF Raw, Red Faction II, and Yager among other titles. From there, Owens moved on to Diamond Game Enterprises to try his hand at Casino software. His love for video game development could not be quenched though, because after developing the QA department at that company, Owens got right back into the game. He currently works for EA as a QA Test Lead.

Chris Owens' game history:

At THQ: · Pride FC – PS2 · WWF Raw – PC · Red Faction II – Game Cube · Fairly Odd Parents: Breakin Da Rules – GBA · Firewarrior - PS2 · Power Rangers: Ninja Storm – GBA · SpongeBob Squarepants – GBA/PC · Hotwheels – PC · Incredibles – PC · Yager – PC/XBOX.

At Vivendi Universal: · Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of the Cortex – PS2 (uncredited) · Dark Age of Camalot – PC · No One Lives Forever - PC (uncredited) · Spy Kids - PC · Various Jumpstart Titles – PC

At Activision: · Quake 3 – PC/MAC (Production Tester) · Intellivision Classics – PS1 · Shanghai Second Dynasty – PC · Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style - PS1 · Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (uncredited) – PS1

Chris Owens (33) is also listed as a game developer.