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About myself:For those interested, I'm a 23 year old recording engineer/musician. Being the grandson of the co-founder of Radio Shack and Tandy's PC division, I've grown up with computers my entire life, and have watched the PC mature into viable gaming platform over the years. It's difficult to believe my grandfather's colleagues thought that their PCs would be good for nothing more than spreadsheets. Those mediocre plastic boxes from Japan come and go, but the PC remains strong, and it's the ONLY way to play.

And since I have 17 years of gaming experience under my belt (starting with King's Quest in 1986), I've seen just about everything, and it's very difficult to impress me. So, rather than review a game just to bash it like many do, I only review games that are worth the attention of gamers all over the planet. No wasted time in this arena, I assure you.

Enough about me, let us focus on the games...