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About myself:

I'm a gaming collector and enthusiast who lives in Brazil, but born in Argentina, 1981.

Favorite games include, in no particular order:

- Monkey Island 1 and 2 (countless laughs);
- Loom (truly a work of art);
- X-Com: UFO Defense (fun, while providing plenty of depth);
- Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty (fun, fun, fun RTS);
- Command & Conquer (beautifully design and plenty of fun);
- Wing Commander 3 (the game that justified upgrading my PC);
- Fallout (perfect in setting and design);
- Terranova: Strike Force Centauri (except for the acting);
- Quake (for the game itself and everything it represents);
- Civilization 1 and 2 ("just one more turn");
- The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (despite all the bugs);
- Lemmings (great puzzle fun, and still humorous);
- Syndicate (intense, violent and fun);
- Rise of the Dragon (unusual yet brilliantly designed adventure).
- Half-Life (setting new standards for 1st person shooters);
- Max Payne 1 and 2 (moody and instense);
- Jones in the Fast Lane (unique and hillarious gameplay);
- Mechwarrior 2 (perfectly captured the feel of the boardgame in a flawless simulation and intense action-fest);
- Freeware Frenzy: GeneRally, Ambush at Sector 9, Raging Skies, Parsec47, FlapFlapFlap, etc. .

As for more personal info, I'm a Business Administration graduate, and I'm also in the effort of becoming an artist (mostly through drawing and painting). I'm also very interested in movies, music and philosophy.

Also used to be a computer gaming journalist, when I was able to craft such jewels as Sid "Midas" Meier, due to the designer's unique ability to turn each creation into a golden masterpiece, and the lesser known phrase "infinite monkeys in infinite computers would eventually create John Carmack's next engine". The world still mourns my retirement :)

I currently run a website featuring the artwork and writing of the "cosmicollective" a cultural collective from Brazil. Please visit us at http://www.cosmicollective.org/

Anyone on Mobygames can feel free to write me anytime. I'm yet to leave an e-mail unanswered. Cheers!