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About myself:There are actually a lot of games I worked on that don't seem to be on this list. If you have these games, please contribute them to help complete my list...

Camp California (TG16), Beyond Shadowgate (TG16), John Madden Football (TG16), Emmitt Smith Football (snes), Center Ring Boxing (saturn), Samurai Shodown (sega cd), AH3 Thunderstrike (pc), AH3 Thunderstrike: Air Assault, Return of the Jedi (snes), Heavy Gear 2 (pc), Interstate '82 (pc), Mechwarrior Titanium pack (pc), Pitfall (GBColor), MIB (GBColor), Milo's Astro Lanes (N64), Virtual Pool 64 (N64), Asteroids 64 (N64), The Next Tetris (aka Tetris Online, DC), TXR2 (DC), UFC (DC), Red Dog (DC), XBladez (PSX/GBA), Mace Griffin's Bounty Hunter (XBox)

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