Murray Lorden

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About myself:Murray Lorden started working in the games industry in June 2000 at Bluetongue Entertainment in Melbourne, Australia, testing "Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy".

Since then, he has shipped "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis" (a 3D dinosaur management sim), and "The Polar Express" (a platform game tying in with the Robert Zemeckis film), both shipping on multiple game consoles and PC.

Before working in the industry, Murray attended Melbourne University, completing an Arts Degree, majoring in Cinema Studies. In his spare time, Murray likes to create films and play music.

Murray has been credited with the roles of Game Designer, Producer and Quality Assurance.

Murray is is now a freelance game designer, filmmaker, and photographer.

You can visit Murray's personal website at to see his movies, photos and other projects.

Murray Lorden (135) is also listed as a game developer.