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About myself:ION Storm Austin. 9/97 - present Designer, Deus Ex II, First person role playing game. The sequel is now underway.

Designer, Deus Ex, First person role playing game. Game system design (skills, augmentations, resource economy, interface, inventory system), mission concepts and development, fictional background development. Level building using the Unreal engine. My focus was the Hong Kong maps, gameplay and characters.

Looking Glass Technologies Inc. 3/97 - 7/97 Designer, Junction Point, First person science fiction role playing game. Game system design (skills, character development and advancement, interface, inventory), mission concepts and development, level building with proprietary 3D editor, generation of low-poly objects and tilable textures, fictional background development.

Origin Systems Inc. 1/92 - 12/96 Art Director & Lead Designer, Technosaur, Top down real-time multi-player strategy game. Handled interviews, hiring, firing and reviews of art and design personnel. Generated initial game concepts, assisted in creating and presenting related business plans, coordinated art and design staff, and created and maintained art and design schedules. Assisted in design of game editors, graphical user interface, game mechanics, and all other game systems.

Designer, Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, Space flight simulator and interactive movie. Used in-house tools to generate collision boxes around 3D objects, set XYZ values of offsetting art, and scale game units to appropriate size. Determined flight and performance values for spaceships, equipped fighters and capitol ships with armaments, and established levels of pilot and combat capability. Adjusted and modified values to insure balanced game play.

Lead Designer, Fire Horse, Interactive Movie. Co-wrote the fiction for a branching, player controlled interactive movie. Generated gameplay elements that were integrated with the branching storyline. Developed characters, generated concept art and illustrated storyboards. I also assisted in casting, location scouting, and budgeting the film shoot.

Designer, Ultima VIII: Pagan, Fantasy role playing game. Macro level design of the game environment. Created art, wrote conversations, generated high level code, and constructed the physical environment of the game. Articulated and animated 3D figures and aided in development of an animation system. Modified 3D figures and produced general game art.

Designer & Graphic Supervisor, Ultima VII Part II: The Serpent Isle, Fantasy role playing game. Wrote fiction, built the map, generated high level code, and created art, all to establish and maintain an environment that allowed a player to become completely immersed in the game. This included generating characters, situations, and settings. Rendered art for every aspect of the game: interface screens, special effects, animating and color cycling shapes, and general game art, as well as created and animated 2D figures.