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About myself:I am a seventeen year old American male gamer. I started getting into computer games when I was 9. I got started on Doom and King's Quest 5.

My favorite type of games are role-playing. I also enjoy adventure games (my first love) and first person shooters. My favorite role-playing game is Baldur's Gate. My favorite adventure game is a tie between all three Gabriel Knight games. My favorite shooter is Unreal Tournament.

I am not much of a console gamer, though I do have a Playstation and a Nintendo 64, both of which I got relatively recently, so I have been discovering console gems that I never got to play before. Currently, my favorite is Conker's Bad Fur Day, though my all-time favorite console game is Super Mario RPG for Super NES.

I sometimes dabble in amateur game development, though I lack the discipline to actually FINISH making a game. In all honesty, even with programs like Adventure Game Studio, it is a very hard thing to make a game, and not something that one person can handle themselves in a professional-looking product.

Anyone who enjoys classic PC gaming, adventure games, PC role-playing, or game development who wants to talk about it can email me at [email protected] Of course anyone else who wants to can, but who would want to. I'd be suprised if you got this far reading this anyway. Bye.