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About myself:I've been in the "games industry" since 1995. My 1st (published) game title was "Inside the Muppets" for Jim Henson studios out of England. Then came the game "POSTAL" which had the entire U.S. Postal service down on us every single day up to & after it's release in 1997. Both of these games were produced at Riedel Software Productions (RSP) in Tucson Az. Running with Scissors is a RSP company. I left RSP for employment in Las Vegas at Westwood Studios in 1998. There I worked on "Lands of Lore III", "Dune 2000 (playstation version)", "Command & Conquer, Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Sun Platinum edition, & Command & Conquer Renegade" In 2003 I took employment at Budcat Creations (Las Vegas) where I made "Nascar (playstation version) and I am currently working on "Madden (pc version)"