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About myself:Born in 1981 in Germany, I got my first PC in 1994. In 2001 I installed Linux on my computer and bought myself a Dreamcast to avoid lack of good games. Oh, and I still have my GameBoy from 1989 which is regularly used for playing Tetris and other multiplayer games. New since 2005: a Gamecube! And new since 2016: an Atari 1040ST - I'm really impressed by that one :-)

Favourite genres: Adventures, closely followed by Action-Adventures and (non Hack 'n Slash) RPGs with a good story. Of course I'm also playing games of different genres - most of them are indie games in various forms and shapes nowadays.

Favourite games: Impossible to tell because of different genres and concepts. The game I replayed most often is Das Schwarze Auge - Die Schicksalsklinge, though.

What am I doing here? My goal in MobyGames is to provide information about Linux releases and European DC games as well as adding additional boxshots and credits. Physical releases are always preferred, I try to ignore download only releases as much as I can ;-)

The picture in my profile is taken from http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/g/i/giacchetta2/avellinelf.jpg.html