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About myself:Project manager fo different IT projects. Lead projects from the beginning to the end and finish them in time and budget. I had worked as project manager in localization department with the following companies and titles: UBISOFT (French): Silent Hunter 3 and 4, Trolls - Hair Affair, Blazing Angels 1 and 2, CSI 3, Settlers gold. Microsoft (U.S.): Dungeon Siege 2, Age of Empires 3 and 10 patches for it. Taito (Japanese company): Over G Game Loft (U.K.): Asphalt 2 These titles were designed for PC, Wii, PS3, PS2, DS, XBOX, X360 or GBA platforms and for each title were several projects, for several languages as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Japanese, Chinese. For each project language I have used translation, recording and testing companies or freelancers as subcontractors from different countries, using teams of 5 to 25 collaborators. With most of the teams I had collaborated remotely, through internet. Developing different games or tools. I have be part of the team for the following games: Puma World Football '98, Tonic trouble, Rayman 2, Speed Challenge - Jacques Villeneuve’s Racing, The Settlers – Heritage of kings, Harpoon 4, Dragon’s Layer – XBOX, CSI – XBOX. Localization jobs for: Prince of Persia – The Sand of Time, Rainbow 6 – Athena Sword, Sprinter Cell 2 – Pandora Tomorrow, Prince of Persia – Warrior Within, and Sprinter Cell 3 – Chaos Theory - UBISOFT titles, Zoo Tycoon 2, Dungeon Siege 2, Age of Empires 3 and patches – Microsoft titles. Integrate sound / video / texts for different languages (Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Russian, Polish and Japanese), change the installation program (Install Shield), tracking and negotiating the changes with distributors and other people involved. I had used C, C++, C# using MFC or ATL/WTL.

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