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About myself:I've been part of the games industry since 1990. Starting out developing original games for the Acorn Archimedes range of computers - developed for a small software house I co-founded by the name of Network23. We published 3 critically acclaimed arcade titles over 4 years (Provocator, Warlocks & Deadline)

It was in 1995 I joined Stainless Software as an artist and enjoyed success with the hit PC game - Carmageddon & it's sequel. Vis Entertainment purchased Stainless in 1999, but ran it poorly. The studio was closed in 2003. (Vis went under shortly afterwards)

I am currently located in Melbourne Australia working for Bluetongue/THQ, just having completed work on 'de Blob' for Nintendo Wii

RUSSELL HUGHES (9) is also listed as a game developer.