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About myself:I am a 21 year old in the USAF. I enjoy playing games on all systems (PS2, PSOne, XBox, Gamecube, GBA...etc.etc.etc). I also like to do anything that puts my life at risk (Therefore the reason my friends call me the Crazy One.) such as extreme blading, skydiving, bungee jumping, and a few other things.. Just wanting to be crazy is all.. enjoying life to the best. I have been married for almost two years and am expecting a baby boy. Oh yeah... My quote is "To mess with the Ravyn is to welcome death. Question is are you ready to welcome death?" Nothing to threaten anyone by but Ravyn is another of my oh so many nicknames. Some of my other nicknames I am known by is Mouse, C'Rice, Ravyn and PsyAngel.. Oh yeah.. Shorty too.. but I'm not shorter than some of my friends.. just a name that stuck with me.. Thats all you need to know about me or else I would have to kill you... hehe.. just joking.