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About myself:Christy Marx writes for television, film, animation, books, comic books, graphic novels, manga, and videogames.

She has done supplemental writing for THE MATRIX ON-LINE MMORPG game website, and story/content evaluation for MYST ON-LINE MMOG.

She did extensive character/dialogue writing for EARTH AND BEYOND MMOG (EA/Westwood).

She did story & character design and writing for the PS2 RPG, THE LEGEND OF ALON D'AR, released by UbiSoft/Stormfront Studios. Other console games she has worked on were LORD OF THE RINGS (Stormfront Studios) and FENG TAO (Studio Gigante).

Previous credits are design/writing/director of two award-winning adventure games for Sierra On-Line: CONQUESTS OF CAMELOT and CONQUEST OF THE LONGBOW.

She has done other consulting, as well as development of educational games.

For a current look at her credits in all fields, visit:

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