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Currently Have

  • 3DO -- No cords, no games. But the logo says quality!
  • Commodore Amiga -- Amiga 2000, last used to play Populous 2.
  • Nintendo DS -- Picked up two garage sales after passing up the DS game motherlode, for lack of system.
  • Sega Dreamcast -- Casts dreams like a beaut.
  • Sega Saturn -- Just goes to show, you never know what you'll find at a garage sale.
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- Not much for today's games, but can emulate like nobody's business
  • Nintendo 64 -- Have never plugged in, but that hasn't kept me from accumulating games for it!
  • Nintendo Game Boy -- Does it work? Will anyone risk the batteries to find out?
  • Nintendo GameCube -- Worryingly inexpensive garage sale find, but it works great.
  • Sega Game Gear -- No more pea soup!
  • Sega Genesis -- Because it was there.
  • Sony PlayStation 2 -- Girlfriend acquired to play DDR on as a cheap alternative to Wii Fit. You can guess who ended up using it...
  • Microsoft Xbox -- Helping my ex-roommate clean up the trash when I moved out following his purchase of a 360.
  • Nintendo SNES -- Took two garage sales to get enough working parts, but we're back in the game!
  • Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) -- With an introduction to games like this, it's a wonder I wasn't weaned earlier!
  • Sega CD -- Now where will I find any games for it?
  • Sega Master System

Used to Have

  • Apple iPhone -- Girlfriend's iPod Touch, with broken audio out -- useless for playing music, but what else is it good for? Ahh....
  • Sony PlayStation -- Came with games; didn't realise the games were pirated and would run only on that modded onsole.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) -- Painstakingly assembled piece by piece at thrift stores, then donated to Video In.
  • Android smartphone -- Offered much, then snatched it back. Fie on you, Sony Xperia!