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About myself:-Started out answering the 800 line at Sega when the Sega Genesis was initially released, replacing the Master System.

-Moved up to the Sega Technical Support phone support group.

-Transferred to Sega 3rd Party QA group as EPROM/CD-ROM Duplications Specialist.

-Went to work for SONY(SCEA, SISA & SCE) as CD-ROM Technical Consultant, PC & PSX titles pre-launch.

-Promoted to U.S. CD-ROM Mastering and Copy Prevention Engineer for all PSX launch titles.

-Hired by Psygnosis US, as CD-ROM Mastering and Duplication Technical Consultant.

-Created start-up, CD-ROM Mastering and Duplication online service.

-Sold company and now working for Pacific Stock Exchange Member (Societe Generale, FIMAT) as Network Engineer.

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