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About myself:I used to be a very good player (48 hrs non-stop Lemmings or C&C levels) when I was a student but right now I am very much involved with work and family. Somehow I still miss the good old days although the games had poor graphics and limited features. The most important thing to me is the game itself not the new gaming technics, fancy graphics and 3D etc. I am definetely a score freak but sometimes it is even not sufficient and I replay the same level 100 times until find a way to optimize all the resources. My favorite games of all times: Test Drive, Deathtrack, Stunts, Tetris (original), Lemmings (except the last 3D version), Dune 2, Master of Orion 2, The whole Command&Conquer series, Doom, Dungeon Keeper, Civilization 2, Heroes 3, Age of Empires.