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About myself:I was born on April 18th 1971 in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK. I had my first taste of computing age 10, with the Sinclair ZX81.

After a few too many wobbly ram packs, I moved through a variety of increasingly powerful computers until I got hooked on Prestel (a precursor to the Internet) where I started to design graphics for various groups.

I was also heavily into special effects (make-up and sculpture), perhaps due to a great uncle who was a magician. It was not unusual to find me covered in bruises and scars of my own making. (I have very supportive parents).

Leaving school I went to Norwich School of Art & Design where I was taught the benefits of sitting for hours in a darkened classroom writing essays on past masters.

In the early 90’s, I left Norwich for the golden paved streets of London where I took on a wide variety of jobs. I eventually settled in leafy Surrey working for a newly created company called Lionhead Studios.

In 2006 we were brought under the wing of Microsoft. In 2009, I left Microsoft to start up my own design company, The Strange Case Company.

Currently putting together a studio/workshop so that I can get back into my sculpting.

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