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About myself:I am a Web System Specialist from So Cal. I play video games all the time, and have for the past 20ish years.

I cut my teeth on 2600 and Master System games, then graduated to old school 286/386 era RPGs and adventure games (Ultimas, Worlds of Ultimas, Sierra games, and all the SSI/AD&D stuff.)

During junior high and early high school I moved on to Genesis RPGs and platformers.

During my later high school years I acquired an old NES and a ton of used games and mastered all the titles I had played with my friends as a kid.

I acquired a Playstation around about a month after it's launch and I became a huge Twisted Metal (and eventually, when they were released), Twisted Metal 2, Syphon Filter 1-3, Driver and Final Fantasy VII-IX fan

My most recent console conquest would be Kingdom Hearts 2, which, with the exception of the Tron level, kinda blew. I'm especially bummed cause I was a huge KH1 fan, and a huge Square/FF fan, and this game just did not deliver. Even a year after beating it I'm not sure if it was because I played through the game so fast or if it was actually way too short.

I spent most of 2007 beating World of Warcraft, my main character now has 4/5 T6, the staff from illidan, etc. I'm taking a break from my WOW raiding guild to re-focus on IRL and other games, so you may see some new reviews trickle out of me again this year.