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About myself:Having been born in 1987, the same year that Contra, Wasteland, Bubble Bobble, Final Fantasy, Gradius, King's Quest, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and many other genre-shaping classics came into being, I've grown up in a world where video games are a fact of life.

Like many others of my generation, my earliest memories of gaming are split between the NES and the utilitarian white-on-black of a DOS prompt. Wing Commander was probably the first game I ever really "played," in that by 1990 I had developed cognitively to a point where I could understand the purpose of a game (blowing up enemy ships and keeping my wingman alive, in this case), and could go about fulfilling this purpose with some measure of skill. To my young amazement, not only did I have a good degree of innate ability, but I was having a lot of fun.

So began a journey of video gaming and collecting that continues to this day. Somewhere along the way, I found MobyGames, a brilliant little site that allowed me to see that there were a lot of games that I hadn't played--or even heard of--yet. "Blimey," says I, "But wouldn't it be great if I could contribute in some way to this incredibly ambitious archive?"

And thus, here I am.