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About myself:About a year ago I started working as a graduate student (engineering) and ever since I have found it increasingly hard to find time and incentive to play computer games.

However, I'd like to finish my "career" in computer games by playing the titles I have enjoyed much once more when I find the time and talk about it a little.

My old resumé:

I'm 24 years old, from Germany and I study engineering.

I started playing computer games when I got my first PC (a 286 with 16Mhz) in late 1989 (never owned consoles or stuff like Atari, C64...). I'm really happy I experienced the advent of pc gaming with all those classics... don't play much nowadays anymore because I think the overall level of games has dropped considerably and it's mostly eye candy instead of a solid game concept. Still enjoy playing old games with emulators now and then.