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About myself:At age nine I built my first radio and have been interested in electronics ever since. While in the military I learned to repair digital electronics while no one else could figure them out. In 1969 I took a compuer course for IBM 360 and started hacking them. In 1976 I started building my first microcomputer, The COSMAC Elf as described in Popular Electronices. I gave that project up when I saw an ad in an electronics magazine for a 6502 system that could be built from bare baords. It was the OSI microcomputer. I started building it in about the fall of 1976 and completed it sometime in 1977 and upgraded it in 1978. In January 1980, I bought an Apple ][+ computer. In 1987 I built up and IBM AT PC compatible and have upgraded it many times since.

I have worked with most types of PCs including CP/M-80 S100, Apple ][ series, Commodore Pet and C-64/128, TRS-80, IBM PC and many others including the first desktop PC ever made in which the original Intel 8008 microprocessor was based on.

Favorite game types are Text Adventure, Graphics Adventure, Stragey and board games. Favorit text adventure is Zork III, favorite graphiccs adventure are Kings Quest IV and Space Quest II. Mt favorite strategy war game is Star Fleet I, The War Begins.