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About myself:Like most people who play games, I like to consider myself better than the average gamer. But whether that is true or not, I do enjoy games. I have thirteen different systems and about three hundred games on cartridge/cd; not including ROMs or shareware, etc. I used to be just a action/adventure guy, until FF7. Then I went back and played as many of the turn-based RPG's I could find. I long for the days when RPG meant 'turn-based RPGĀ’ and all other types of RPG's had to have the extra name in front of it. I enjoy first-person shooters a lot, and hardly ever play anything but first-person shooters, turn-based RPG's, strategy, space flight Sims(freelancer, etc.), and hack-and-slash/Diablo clones. I used to spend an average of 40+ hours a week playing video games, but now have college to worry about. I won't go online or play RPG's or any other game that I know I won't be able to put down after two or three hours until I am done with school, I know all too well how it would affect my grades. Hopefully on holiday breaks and after graduation I will be able to really participate at this site and online, but until then I will have to live with just being an occasional and casual participant. Game on...