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About myself:I have a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of British Columbia. I've been a musician for about 25 years. I'm a guitar player, playing mostly rock but have a degree in classical guitar. I'm currently branching out into more country-type playing cos i love the twang. I got into sound design by accident back in 1999 and have never looked back. I totally dig it. I get paid to do this??? I worked freelance as a composer/sound designer doing advertising as well as cartoons and started working at Radical Entertainment back in 2002. I've been on 9 shipped games in 4 years, the most successful being the Simpsons: Hit and Run. I was the sound effects guy for that one as that's my main gig here but I've also worked as a sound director. My favourite thing in the world (next to playing guitar) is going out into the field and recording everything I can wrap my ears around for our games, and making up brand new sounds out of my twisted imagination. I love the industry and am getting better at playing games, something I'm still fairly new to.

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