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About myself:Hi there, I'm a Lead Game Designer at Sony Computer Entertainment, Liverpool Studio. Last product was Formula 1 for the PS3. Currently part of a small team developing New Concepts for the North West Group.

I started in the industry in 1989 as Psygnosis' first ever permanent tester and I started design work when Microcosm (FM-Towns) was being developed and we needed to design some End of Level Bosses that worked with the movie player technology we had. Since then the most influential games I've developed was Wipeout and Wipeout 2097, but the most successful in my mind has been Formual 1 Championship E dition. Over the part 19 years I've been involved with hundreds of games on over 20 platforms. It's a fantastic industry for the most part and I'm looking forward to designing brand new IP's on PS3 in the coming years.

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