Nicolas Nadeau

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About myself:From playing cards with my grandma to dishing punishing blows in Fight Nights, eating "fondue" while replaying Final Fantasy X, spending evening playing boardgames like Puerto Rico and Memoire 44, wishing to have enough time to create large scale AD&D P&P Campaigns like I used to in the 'days, I truly love anything that has a "fun" quality to it..(now that was a long ass sentece)


When its warm i'm sailing and playing football (soccer), if its shitty outside, i'm composing music.

Aside games I enjoy: SouthPark, Bleach, Full Metal Alchimist, Depeche Mode, Junkie XL, ComeBack Kid, Terranova, all Disco'ish 70's music, Slayer, Western African weather, watching PSG play OM, laughing loud, chicken pitas.