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About myself:Marc Wilhelm is a game designer & professor. His experience includes development work on game franchises 'The Sims', 'Tomb Raider', '007: James Bond' and 'Road Rash'. He currently serves an appointment as Assistant Professor of Game Design at Champlain College, in the School of Communication & Media Arts.

In addition to his experience with mainstream console and PC development, he has also partnered with startups and incubators focusing on online, social network and mobile platforms.

His career began while attending the Art Institute of Colorado, when he was invited to two consecutive years at Electronic Arts' EA Academy. Upon graduating from the art institute he accepted a full time position from EA at their Redwood Shores, California studio where he went on to work as an artist, level designer and producer, shipping several titles.

In 2011, Marc returned to his home state & founded the 'Colorado independent Game Developers Association' (CiGDA), with the mission of creating a diverse forum for artists, developers & musicians to discover & build a local, collaborative game-development community. The group encourages the pursuit of knowledge & expression by fostering a safe, open, supportive & inspiring environment for creatives. We believe in progressing the interactive arts to 'create good' through events such as charity game jams & youth outreach in Colorado.

Marc's commitment to the medium of games continues through his research and work in academia. Fall 2014 will be his fourth semester teaching Game Production & Game Design courses at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.

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