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About myself:What really defines a gamers personality is his first game addiction, and I am no exception. My first game was The Castle Of Dr Brain. That was an excellent DOS bootable game. You had to solve different puzzles and explore his castle so he could hire you, it was great. It had every imaginable type of puzzle, and hint coins. God I loved it. Of course we all moved on to Doom and Wolfin3D, but I would pay a lot of money for a copy of that game (with the damn decoder card so I could pass the first 3 puzzles). I played Dr Brain all summer at my Aunt and Uncles house instead of playing outside, and looking back, it was worth it.

My parents were very poor, so we didnt have a computer. I knew my future lied in that field, so I went to a magnet school in my town (Science Academy of South Texas) and took quite a few programming classes. Once, I hacked all the Macs in the library so I could play Maelstrom, oh boy did I get in trouble for that. After that they loaned me a laptop Mac (that baby weighed at least 40 pounds) and I was in heaven.

Now I play a diversity of games on every platform and OS imaginable, from mac to pc to unix to emulated atari stuff, and I think thats what defines me. My diversity.

Currently I do Visual Imaging for the United States Air Force, and I'm working on a game that will train people to lead groups of people in organizing and launching large amounts of aircraft. It may be too fun to call an educational title, but the Air Force doesn't buy "games". Remember kids, drugs remove opportunity, and stay in school.