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I am a language arts student who straddles the technical geeky world due to my background in mathematics. I consider the computer to be a logic toy, which is one of the reasons I am still able to be an effective programmer as I near "doddering age". Regarding MAT2:There was a P/T writing job listed at a Canada Manpower job centre. I sent my resume in, thinking that this was an educational software company I had applied to. I got invited for the interview, showed up and said "Tell me about this writing job". One of the interviewers said "What writing job? There is no writing job, we have never had a writing job, we never posted any writing job." I got angry/frustrated, got up to leave. When I reached the door the other interviewer said "Don't you want to know why we brought you in for an interview?" "Okay I said, you might as well tell me since I am already here." "We are interviewing you for the position of emulation engineer." "What's an emulation engineer?" I replied... I was hired the next day ha ha ha, probaby due to my old school Assembler language experience and my "I like to ROCK" attitude. After 6 weeks I hadn't written a line of code. I walked into the managers office and said "You better fire me I am just useless at this stuff." Manager said "That's very funny, you have a unique knack, something that can't be taught, we're not firing you, GET BACK TO WORK!" Emulation is really a strange dirty dawg reverse engineering job, an exercise in mental strangulation ha ha!!! I have an innate disgust/revulsion for the violence that permeates too many of the video games sold today. I quit the job to concentrate on my music. Perhaps one day I will return to the video game world - I have a verrry unusual evolutionary game living in my mind... My future per usual is unknown and unpredictable.

FYI: My favourite game is D/Generation by Robert Cook

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