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About myself:Mike is a seasoned Creative Direction and Lead Design professional with 14 years of industry experience (EA, Radical and THQ). His expertise lies in the systems, mechanics & feature design of racing and character-action console games. He has designed most of the gameplay systems, mechanics and driving physics for several versions of Road Rash and most recently for Scarface: The World is Yours and has also done design work on several other EA franchises (e.g. James Bond). Mike is now a THQ Creative Manager working with multiple teams and helping with the evaluation of new game pitches. Outside of gaming, Mike has a passion for international adventure travel. With 50 countries to his passport-stamping credit he is especially fond of visiting fantastic archaeological and historical destinations (providing ample material for his gaming imagination). You can read the adventure travelogues from his 7 major trips, check out his travel tips and view his travel photo albums at www.vagabum.com/blogs and www.vagabum.com/gallery.

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