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About myself:Eric Calande studied fine art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the fine Arts, the nations oldest art school. Shortly after graduating he stumbled into computer graphics and animation in the early days of the Mac. His initial contributions to the world of computer art/animation came with the hit screensaver software package "Underware" which was released by Bit Jugglers, Inc. His work can also be found in the screensaver construction set "Kid's World", also released by Bit Jugglers. A short stint at Compaq computers lead to the release of " Launch and Learn". A joint effort between Fisher-Price and Compaq. Continuing his work in the field of computer entertainment, Eric Calande joined the Hypnos-Entertainment team and contributed to the release of the PC Golf hit "Golden Bear Challenge". Eric eventually joined Digital Eclipse Software in Emeryville, CA and worked on game titles for the Gameboy color and Gameboy Advanced videogame systems.

Gameboy Credits include...

Harry Potter 2 - Prisoner of Azkaban (GBA)

Tarzan: Return to the Jungle (GBA)

Disney's Lilo and Stitch (GBA)

Rayman Advance (GBA)

Ten Pin Alley 2

Pooh and Tigger's Honey Safari (GBC)

Scooby Doo: Classic Creep Capers (GBC)

Disney's 102 Dalmations (GBC)

Army Men 2 (GBC)

Batman Chaos in Gotham (GBC)

Little Nicky (GBC)

Misc. Credits

Play TV Rescue Heroes (Toy of the year 2003)

Jamdat Bowling 2(Cellphone)

Tenchu (Mobile)

Rocks and Rockets (Web)

Panda Craze(Web)

Domino Master (Web)

Cue Master (Web)

Alone: The Horror Begings (Mobile)

Amy's Jigsaw (Mobile)

Nimby (Mobile)

In 2002 Eric took refuge with Pronto Games and lent his talents to the creation of Play TV's Rescue Heroes which won the "Toy of the year" award for 2003.

In late 2003 Eric joined the ranks at TKO software in Santa Cruz CA as art director for TKO's wireless division. Eric oversaw the production of "Tenchu", a cellphone port of the hit PS2 Ninja game.

For the next 9 months Eric worked as art director with TIK games helping produce downloadable web games. Rocks and Rockets, Panda Craze, Domino Master and more.

Eric currently works as Art Director for Centerscore and produces mobile cell phone games. Credits include Alone: The Horror Begins, Amy's Jigsaw and Nimby.

Eric Calande (6) is also listed as a game developer.