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About myself:I play games of all kinds including: First Person Shooters Adventure games RPGS Platformers Point n Click Adventures Simulators

When I review a game, I base the review on my own personal experience with the game itself, and keep the review in the scope of what the game is attempting to do. For instance, I think Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a fantastic game because of its level design, but it has a very thin story. However as the game is lite on the story, I won't mark it down. However if the story was the games main focus, and it happened to be an elaborate mess containing a convoluted plot with idiotic characters and lengthy scenes of bad dialogue and even worse voice acting that distracts from the fun of the gameplay, I will have no choice but to mark it down. In other words, I'm not interested in seeing features that get implemented. I'm interested in seeing features that get implemented RIGHT.

Expect upcoming reviews for the following games:

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime 2

Metroid Prime 3

Bioshock Infinite