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Game TitlePlatformOne Linersorted in descending orderReview Date
The Legacy of Kain Series: Blood Omen 2Windows"Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver - Difficulty: Nightmare. Blood Omen 2 - Difficulty: Mother Goose. Get the picture?"Oct 29, 2002
Heroes of the LanceDOS"Hand to hand combat with a dragon?'s your funeral"Jun 16, 2002
War of the LanceDOS"The first mass-combat AD&D war game. This is history boys & girls."Jun 16, 2002
Fate of the DragonWindows"A disgrace to the RTK saga. Possibly one of the most over-rated strategy games known."Jun 07, 2002
Heroes of Might and Magic IVWindows"An ambitious attempt to enhance the HMM predecessors, a treat for HMM fans! "May 30, 2002
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom SimWindows"A newbie strategy effort: Not recommended for veteran strategists "May 20, 2002
Global OperationsWindows"Interesting new features in comparison to Counterstrike, but when it comes to user friendly and gameplay - Not even close."May 18, 2002
Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion PiratesWindows"Interesting Sci-Fi Strategy concept, but limited only for "newbie" strategists. Not recommended for the serious strategist."Apr 26, 2002
Medieval Lords: Soldier Kings of EuropeDOS"Simple, addictive, A-rated Strategy game. This is what strategy games should be all about."Apr 21, 2002
Cossacks: European WarsWindows"Almost real! Mass anarchy of battle clashes. A combination of Age of Empires and Shogun:Total War."Apr 18, 2002
Delta Force: Land WarriorWindows"Too easy - Counterstrike wannabe."Mar 10, 2002
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth DrannorWindows"Second that opinion: AD&D in the Gutter. This game is Blasphemy!"Mar 10, 2002
Icewind DaleWindows"Superb RPG - But it lacks the soul of AD&D"Mar 10, 2002
Shogun: Total War (Warlord Edition)Windows"Historical Japan at its best! If not better!"Mar 10, 2002
Return to KrondorWindows"If you missed the chance to play "Betrayal at Krondor" this will makes it all worthwhile..."Mar 02, 2002
Realms of Arkania: Star TrailDOS"Now this is what I call an excellent RPG!"Feb 21, 2002
TropicoWindows"If there is a latin expression to translate "Doh" for a game. This would be it."Feb 15, 2002