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3 new platforms now supportedWe just added Odyssey, Channel F, and the Commodore PET/CBM.Jun 02, 2006
A couple more platformsbada and webOS were addedDec 07, 2011
A couple more platforms addedA few days ago I added Neo Geo CD and today Amiga CD32 joins the list.Apr 21, 2005
Age of Pirates to be given awayWell, at least one copy of Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales that is. Send an email to [email protected] to be...Sep 26, 2006
Another 10K milestoneContributor and approver Inderanta of the Clan Depari has the 10,000 point mark making him the 19th person to make...Aug 13, 2006
Another oneMSX is now supported.Jul 31, 2005
April platform additionsWe've added Acorn 32-bit, Commodore 16 - Plus/4, Nuon, SG-1000, ZX80, and ZX81Apr 09, 2012
Artist Paul Steed passes awayKotaku reports Paul Steed, artist on Wing Commander and Quake series, has passed away unexpectedly. "The circumstances of Steed's passing...Aug 13, 2012
Bad news...Due to a lack of funding the site will be shutting down in two weeks. The data gathered over the...Apr 01, 2007
Calling all Guitar Hero fans - a new developer is taking over?It looks like Harmonix will not be developing the next Guitar Hero game but rather Neversoft of Tony Hawk fame...Jan 17, 2007
CD-i addedWe've added the CD-i to the site. We are one step closer to documenting every game, ever made on every...Feb 07, 2006
Disney shuts down publisher LucasArtsDisney has shut down LucasArts and canceled all current projects, as part of a move toward licensing out the Star...Apr 03, 2013
DSi has been added as a platformThe only games that should be listed here are the DSi exclusive games and the DSiWare games. A tech spec...Feb 27, 2010
Game GiveawayIf you didn't see the message above, we're running a game giveaway this month. Hopefully from now on, at least...Apr 09, 2005
Game GiveawayWell, I've had some people contact us about this but not a whole lot. Doesn't anyone want a free game?...Nov 14, 2005
Game Giveaway still openJust over a week to go for the current giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to answer...Jun 21, 2005
Game Giveaway x2This just in... we're adding another game to the giveaway for those interested in a PC game... SWAT 4. So...Apr 12, 2005
GameFly Digital Client in open betaGameFly released its digital client for all to try out. Read more about it here... Unfortunately, people outside North...Dec 16, 2011
GameFly to launch digital client for PC gamesGameFly, the subscription-based video game rental service, plans to make a dramatic entry this coming holiday into the digital market...Aug 09, 2011
Have a Facebook account?We officially have a page on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account and want to show support then visit...Nov 14, 2008
July platformsadded new platforms Videopac+ G7400, Atom, Thomson TO 7, Sinclair QLJul 16, 2012
June platformsAdded new platforms FM-7, SAM Coupe, and SuperGrafxJun 16, 2012
Last enter for one copy of Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. Send an email to [email protected] to be eligible to...Sep 30, 2006
Loss of one of our ownNot game related, but certainly site related. One of our own site contributors and approver DJP Mom has passed away....Sep 18, 2011
Louisiana House Passes Violent Games Bill Well they passed it here. We'll have to see if the ESA challenge gets this overturned or not. If not,...May 18, 2006
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