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Microids revives Still LifeStill Life, developed by Microids and released in 2005, was an adventure game about the FBI agent Victoria McPherson, who...Dec 06, 2007
Ron Gilbert finds publisher for Monkey Island/Diablo mixReaders of Ron Gilbert's blog Grumpygamer already know he has been working on an adventure-RPG for the past four years....Jan 09, 2008
Leipzig Games Convention no more, now GC OnlineSince 2002, the Games Convention in Leipzig has rapidly grown from a local German event to one of the largest...Jan 30, 2009
Colin McRae diesThe former rally driving champion Colin McRae was killed and his five year-old son feared dead in a helicopter crash...Sep 15, 2007
Games pioneer Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. dies (aged 99)Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr., has died at the age of 99, his son Judson says. He helped create the cathode...Mar 17, 2009