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Shack News article on X-ComHere is the latest article covering a game here... 13, 2012
Shack News article on Max PayneHere is the latest article covering a game here... 25, 2012
MobyGames Classic: Chrono TriggerHere is the latest article from ShackNews covering a classic game via MobyGames... 15, 2011
Shack News article on Syndicate 09, 2012
MobyGames NewsI added another platform... Game.Com. In researching this a bit I found that it has a quiet a few features...Mar 02, 2005
Today's FYII have added PC-FX as a supported platform. I changed the number of approvers we would like to have per...Jul 18, 2005
Game GiveawayIf you didn't see the message above, we're running a game giveaway this month. Hopefully from now on, at least...Apr 09, 2005
New update to the site finally here...If you haven't visited the site yet it is time to. There is a lot of new things to add...Feb 12, 2006
Calling all Guitar Hero fans - a new developer is taking over?It looks like Harmonix will not be developing the next Guitar Hero game but rather Neversoft of Tony Hawk fame...Jan 17, 2007
One week leftJust over a week left for entries to the game giveaway. We have had some useful feedback. Even if you...Apr 22, 2005
Game Giveaway still openJust over a week to go for the current giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to answer...Jun 21, 2005
Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas from MobyGamesDec 25, 2012
Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas to all our fans... you guys are the ones that make the site so great. Thanks for all...Dec 25, 2008
More updates pushedMore bug fixes and enhancements have become live. Make sure to check the ChangeLog every now and again as to...Feb 19, 2006
Another oneMSX is now supported.Jul 31, 2005
Loss of one of our ownNot game related, but certainly site related. One of our own site contributors and approver DJP Mom has passed away....Sep 18, 2011
New platforms addedOric-1 Sharp X6800 Playdia Super A'can GP32 SupervisionFeb 01, 2012
More platforms addedSEGA Pico, Pippin and RCA Studio IIMar 01, 2012
May platformsSharp X1, Amstrad GX4000, Casio Loopy, Casio PV-1000, GP2X, GP2X WizMay 04, 2012
New arrivalSite co-founder, Brian Hirt and his wife recently welcomed a new member to their family... a baby girl.Mar 01, 2011
Xbox Live ArcadeSo after much pondering and talks Xbox Live Arcade has been added as a tech spec for Xbox and Xbox...Jul 05, 2006
New platformSo for the month of July the Amstrad CPC has made its way onto the site.Jul 30, 2005
Small but big update addedSo it's been awhile since we had our last update to the site. Things have been pretty busy and we...Mar 08, 2007
MobyGames NewsSo Neo Geo is online now. I am not entirely sure the tech attributes are correct. So if you find...Mar 03, 2005
DSi has been added as a platformThe only games that should be listed here are the DSi exclusive games and the DSiWare games. A tech spec...Feb 27, 2010
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