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MobyGames NewsAlyassus Honeste is MobyGames latest donating member. We really appreciate the support. The harsh reality is that this project costs...Sep 21, 2004
MobyGames NewsJim has put together a video article of CG Expo 2004. Check it out here.Sep 13, 2004
MobyGames NewsWhew. The show is over. We had a blast. Our booth was much more interesting that last years show. Jim...Aug 24, 2004
MobyGames NewsBrian has been working on upgrading the database hardware for the last month or longer and the hardware has not...Aug 16, 2004
MobyGames NewsSo G4 TechTV has been using MobyGames images without permission. Some MobyGames members have been recording the shows on their...Aug 12, 2004
MobyGames NewsIs it me or am I the only one who noticed that Doom 3 does not have vehicles. Now don't...Aug 12, 2004
MobyGames NewsI finally broke down an bought a new PC. Jeeze these things have gone down in price. I remember not...Aug 04, 2004
MobyGames NewsDoom 3 ships tomorrow. Brian and I played it a little at E3. Boy it seemed good. Both Brian and...Aug 02, 2004
MobyGames NewsTobias Sicheritz is MobyGames latest donating member. We really appreciate the support. The harsh reality is that this project costs...Jul 27, 2004
MobyGames NewsWe are pleased to be a media partner of the Women's Game Confrence. The Women's Game Conference focuses on women...Jul 21, 2004
MobyGames NewsIf you live in the Bay Area or will be in the Bay Area in late August you should stop...Jul 13, 2004
MobyGames NewsMary-Margaret.com has recently signed on as a Friend of MobyGames, joining other industry organizations and providers that offer top-notch services...Jul 08, 2004
MobyGames NewsI am headed away for the long weekend ... so ... for those of you in the States: Happy July...Jul 02, 2004
MobyGames NewsThe Independent Games Festival (IGF) is now accepting submissions for its 7th annual event. The submission deadline for the IGF...Jun 22, 2004
MobyGames NewsIt was brought to our attention that an online petition has been created for MobyGames to add a specific platform,...Jun 16, 2004
MobyGames NewsWe added a new MobyGames T-shirt. This one is just under 10 bucks. Help show your support for MobyGames. Get...Jun 15, 2004
MobyGames NewsIndustrialPope is MobyGames latest donating member. We really appreciate the support. The harsh reality is that this project costs us...Jun 15, 2004
MobyGames NewsJust a little reminder. MobyGames will be exhibiting at the Classic Gaming Expo August 21 and 22 in San Jose,...May 31, 2004
MobyGames NewsServo just contributed the first overlay to MobyGames.May 18, 2004
MobyGames NewsSo kind of by accident I discovered that Rhonda Van has published a book. Check out The Bath Gourmet at...May 16, 2004
MobyGames NewsWhew. E3 is over. Brian and I had a lot of fun and met a lot of really cool people....May 15, 2004
MobyGames NewsBrian and I are at E3. Drop me an email if you would like to meet. We would love to...May 11, 2004
MobyGames NewsStumbled across the MobyGames entry in Wikipedia. Pretty cool if you ask me.Apr 25, 2004
MobyGames NewsDrop us a line if you are going to be at E3 this year and would like to meet Brian...Apr 16, 2004
MobyGames NewsJoshua Slone points out that Nintendo publishes a list of all officially licensed NES, SNES, GB, VB, N64, and GBC...Apr 07, 2004
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