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Search engine updated and MobyGames twitter account.Brian has updated the search engine based on the feedback we received in the last round of testing. The new...Oct 20, 2009
New MobyGames BETA Quick SearchBrian put out a new quick search yesterday that has made a lot of improvements in usability and more relevant...Sep 10, 2009
XO Communications network up and downI'm sure some of you have noticed that we've had some downtime today. The company we host our computers with...Jul 21, 2007
Another MobyGames updateI pushed out a new update to MobyGames today. The main changes that most people will notice is that the...Jun 08, 2007
New update is out.I just put a new update out which mostly focuses on improving and extending the forums. There are also many...May 16, 2007
8088 Corruption ExplainedA few year back our very own Jim Leonard created a program called 8088 Corruption which would display full motion...May 15, 2007
1 Millionth Approval!Here is a piece of MobyGames trivia for everyone. Yesterday saw our 1 millionth approval. Certainly this is some sort...Dec 08, 2006
MobyGames UpdateI've put out an update to fix bugs that got introduced during the last release. All of the reported problems...Nov 04, 2005
New Release of MobyGames push outI put out a new release of MobyGames today. There are a lot of bug fixes, and some visual changes...Oct 25, 2005
Turn of banner ads and skyscraper adsAs a follow up to Dave's last message, we've decided to half the number of contribution points required to turn...Sep 20, 2005
New ReleaseI've put out a new release, it's primarily bugfixes and small improvements. The changelog details the changes. We've had some...Aug 05, 2005
I've rolled out a new releaseI just pushed out a new release of the code. There are some new features, and many bug fixes (both...Jul 01, 2005
MobyGames NewsWe're now accepting game submissions for the TurboGrafx 16/CD and the Sony PSP.Dec 17, 2004
MobyGames NewsWe've added the Nintendo DS as one of the supported platforms on MobyGames, and we are accepting new game entries...Dec 01, 2004
MobyGames NewsMidwest Gaming Classic is comming up soon. It's May 22-23 in Wisconson. It's sure to be a great time. MobyGames...May 08, 2004
MobyGames NewsI rolled out a new release of MobyGames which adds some new cool features and also fixes many minor bugs....Apr 26, 2004
MobyGames NewsWe've just added Vectrex as one of the supported platforms in MobyGames. The list of games released for this system...Mar 11, 2004
MobyGames NewsHappy 5th Birthday MobyGames. March 1st, 1999. For a mini-celebration, we've put out a new release which fixes many many...Mar 01, 2004
MobyGames NewsI rolled out a new release today mainly it was bug fixes and performance improvements. Three of the main things...Dec 17, 2003
MobyGames NewsI put out a new release with a ton of new bug fixes and a few cool new features. Screeshots...Sep 17, 2003
MobyGames NewsI've put a small set of updates out that fix a lot of problems, most notably, the "blank page" problem...Jun 13, 2003
MobyGames NewsI've rolled out a new release which makes some you will want to read about.... GameSheet Reorgination Up until now,...May 04, 2003
MobyGames NewsI've put out a minor update to MobyGames, and I wanted to share what's changed with the recent release. Here's...Apr 15, 2003
MobyGames NewsI've put out a new release of MobyGames. Mostly, this is to fix some outstanding issues. One additional feature worth...Jan 31, 2003
MobyGames NewsWe had some problems with one of our servers over the last day. Some people might have noticed that they...Oct 23, 2002
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