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MobyGames NewsAs you may or may not have guessed, we had a little problem with email notifications (contributions were getting approved,...Dec 28, 2000
MobyGames NewsActivity will be slow the next three days as we celebrate the holiday season. Have a happy one!Dec 24, 2000
MobyGames NewsAce2K was jabbing me about the lack of regular Feature Articles (we were bi-monthly for a while until, oh, 10...Dec 23, 2000
MobyGames NewsA week ago, I wrote about the quality of descriptions; see my previous news post below. Christian Schmidt, a longtime...Dec 16, 2000
MobyGames NewsThe Game of the Week has been updated, suggested to us by a long-time contributor. But it's missing box covers...Dec 15, 2000
MobyGames NewsWhoa, where the heck were we for the last three days? The simplest way to describe it is that we...Dec 13, 2000
MobyGames NewsI've been noticing in the last few weeks that people are contributing more entries to the database -- that's great!...Dec 09, 2000
MobyGames NewsOur 2500th game in the database was added by KC in the form of Anne McCaffrey's Freedom: First Resistance.Dec 09, 2000
MobyGames NewsWe usually don't publish modern gaming-related news because that's not our focus, but I saw a merger recently that I...Dec 08, 2000
MobyGames NewsFor no real reason whatsoever, I'd like to direct your attention to the funniest screenshot we've received this month so...Dec 06, 2000
MobyGames NewsI'm losing to George Bush in the deathmatch poll? The horror. Truth be told, I can indeed beat Brian in...Dec 04, 2000
MobyGames NewsBTW: I hate to mention this, but you all deserve to know: Because I'll be moving, and because Brian just...Dec 03, 2000
MobyGames NewsFrom the "if Brian can do it, so can I" department: I'm moving to a new house. Today begins the...Dec 03, 2000
MobyGames NewsAce2K contributed our 2400th game entry: Championship Surfer.Nov 27, 2000
MobyGames NewsHappy Thanksgiving! I've approved almost 50 pieces of trivia, so check new modifications if you have some time to kill...Nov 23, 2000
MobyGames NewsMany thanks to those who contributed DreamWeb screenshots. Of course, I couldn't wait, so I found and purchased DreamWeb CDROM...Nov 14, 2000
MobyGames NewsDreamweb sounds like an interesting game; anyone care to contribute some screenshots for it? (Remember, 256-color or less screenshots should...Nov 10, 2000
MobyGames NewsBrian called me the other day to let me know he arrived safe and sound in Colorado, and that his...Oct 29, 2000
MobyGames NewsI just got back from Brian's apartment, and he's all packed up and ready to go. What, we didn't tell...Oct 21, 2000
MobyGames NewsIt seems that uploading screenshots got temporarily disabled when we moved to our new facility, but we found the problem...Oct 18, 2000
MobyGames NewsNoticed anything different? We've completed our move to new servers and much higher bandwidth potential, so you should be noticing...Oct 15, 2000
MobyGames NewsWe've started switching over DNS, so expect some DNS and email oddities to crop up in the next few days....Oct 10, 2000
MobyGames NewsIt's true: I've gone over to the dark side. I've temporarily set aside my oldskool gaming boxes to build MadFast,...Oct 09, 2000
MobyGames NewsIt's been very quiet here lately, but that's because we've got some big news to announce in about a week...Oct 06, 2000
MobyGames NewsOur entry for Rex Nebular and The Cosmic Gender Bender is missing complete credits -- anyone care to contribute some?...Oct 01, 2000
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