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Odyssey² / Videopac+ platform is fully documented on MobyGames!Previously this month we had the great news that our database had all PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD games documented....Aug 26, 2012
Kitsune Sniper reaches 10,000I remember that once Kitsune Sniper told me he would probably never reach 10,000 contribution points here at MobyGames. Well,...Oct 24, 2009
Will someone tell joyvalley to stop?Now, seriously, it was in January 22 that we announced joyvalley reaching 20,000 points (a bit late, as you can...May 07, 2009
30,000 gold for LepricahnsGold!One has to check the Top Contributors everyday to keep up with this website's milestones nowadays. It wasn't that long...Mar 26, 2009
Wizo hits 30,000Better late than never. Our German approver and ranking frea... I mean, contributor Wizo recently went over 30,000 points. When...Mar 14, 2009
Man takes a hostage using a Sega Master System pistolYes, you're reading that. Two weeks ago, a 42-year-old Brazilian broke into a house in to reclaim a loan of...Mar 04, 2009
Macs Black hits 30,000Even though it seemed all the way long that Evil Ryu would be the first Brazilian to achieve the 30,000...Mar 02, 2009
joyvalley hits 20,000This seems to be a great year of contributions here in MobyGames. We just had our first 100,000 points contributor...Jan 22, 2009
100,000 pointsAn so the day has come. The day when a MobyUser finally broke the 5 digit barrier. Sciere just broke...Jan 11, 2009
Jeanne's 50,000What can we say about Jeanne? Just being the most active approver in MobyGames last year would say much about...Jan 08, 2009
Tec Toy announces its new console: ZeeboBrazilian veteran gaming company Tec Toy today announced its new console called Zeebo, produced in a joint venture with Qualcomm....Nov 12, 2008
Servo reaches 50,000Once the top contributor of all time (the third in MobyGames' history, back in 2003, dethroned by Corn Popper in...Oct 15, 2008
LepricahnsGold reaches 20,000Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 20,000 points is a common mark these days. But that doesn't mean it isn't important, on...Sep 07, 2008
Picard hits 10KThe only Finnish among the top 50 just became the 35th person to score 10,000 points in MobyGames. Congratulations, Picard!...Aug 18, 2008
Another 20,000 milestone: SicariusThat's what happens when you go on vacation and turn your back on MobyGames. When you come home, people are...Jul 27, 2008
20,000 points for Macs Black We all were expecting this as the signs were clear. Our fastest Brazilian contributor Macs Black just ranked among the...Jul 16, 2008
MobyGames reaches +40,000 gamesThe recent Browser platform addition was certainly what pushed us over the edge, as we are experiencing an intense load...Jul 05, 2008
Blizzard announces Diablo IIIAfter a long wait, Blizzard finally announces another chapter in maybe their most successful franchise: Diablo III. They say it...Jun 28, 2008
Wizo's 20,000 points!When it comes to contributing some people specialize in a certain kind of item. Some people contribute mainly cover scans,...Jun 24, 2008
DreinIX among the Top 50 contributors!Greece, the cradle of the western culture, wasn't very well represented here at MobyGames until now, when DreinIX has risen...May 24, 2008
It was just "a question of time"...Just the other day we had a Mike over the 10,000 points mark. Now it is our Turkish/Canadian approver and...Apr 27, 2008
Houston, we have a problem...Users may have noticed some issues while visiting the site. Some may have noticed that the recent addition/update boxes on...Apr 08, 2008
Multimedia multipoints!Ok, so I stole the headline from DJP Mom to be once again the proud announcer of another great achievement...Apr 02, 2008
Игги Друге turns 30,000Behind the Cyrillic nickname and the dryness (=P) usually seen in our forums lies a golden contributor. Iggy Drougge just...Mar 27, 2008
Jeanne and her 40,000 pointsJeanne pioneered many things here at MG. She was the first woman to become an approver back in 2001, when...Mar 11, 2008
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