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Revision of the genresThe past few months tweaks to the genre classification system have been implemented. This is work approvers have been discussing...May 21, 2016
Unicorn Lynx breaks 100,000On 24th April 2001 MobyGames was still in its infancy, but it was the date when Unicorn Lynx, JazzOleg or...Dec 13, 2010
MobyGames now supports the BBC MicroThe site's reach just became a little broader when the BBC Micro became a supported platform yesterday. Originally called Acorn...May 15, 2010
New feature article: Leveling Down: The Story of Hentai RPGsMore than a year after our previous featured article, The World of Western RPGs by Drunken Irishman (now known as...Oct 31, 2009
Xoleras becomes the sixth admin in MobyGames historyTo strengthen the forces working at the back-end of the site, long-time German contributor and approver Xoleras has been appointed...Aug 27, 2009
Approvals on holdA critical bug is currently corrupting the game data in various areas. To prevent further damage, all approvals are currently...Aug 15, 2009
LepricahnsGold reaches 40,000One of our resident casual game specialists LepricahnsGold has just whizzed past his fourth major milestone by breaking 40,000 points....Aug 09, 2009
Is it Art?2008 E.M. Forster Prize winner John Lanchester tackles the difficult relationship between games and art in the London Review, approaching...Dec 28, 2008
Kabushi hits 40,000Kabushi, one of the most active contributors to the site, has just hit 40,000 points in five years and five...Dec 02, 2008
Big John WV and Aarzak reach 10,000Big John WV is a fairly new contributor, having registered in March 2007, but he has been quietly working in...Sep 26, 2008
Spectravideo is now a supported platformThrough a lot of legwork by our resident vintage gamer Игги Друге, MobyGames now supports Spectravideo as a new platform....Aug 23, 2008
A Drunken Irishman's history of Western RPGs - part fourAnd thus the article comes to end. Drunken Irishman's history of Western RPGs concludes with an overview from the Modern...Jul 24, 2008
A Drunken Irishman's history of Western RPGs - part threeAfter having dealt with the eighties and the early nineties, today Drunken Irishman ventures into the late nineties, from the...Jul 23, 2008
A Drunken Irishman's history of Western RPGs - part twoWe continue this week of Western RPGs with the second part of Drunken Irishman's personal history of the genre. This...Jul 22, 2008
A Drunken Irishman's history of Western RPGs - part oneOur resident contributor Drunken Irishman has taken up the humongous task of writing the history of Western RPGs, in the...Jul 21, 2008
The Crystal Ball: the future of gamingIn a guest editorial for the online publication The Escapist, Hal Halpin, long-time computer game entrepreneur and manager of the...Jul 12, 2008
New approvers wantedThe buzz in the forums makes clear that many contributors are looking forward to seeing more platforms added. Just yesterday...Jul 01, 2008
MobyGames now documents browser gamesAfter a long wait the site now fully supports browser games. These are games meant to be played through a...Jun 30, 2008
Activision and Vivendi Games merge in a $18.8 billion dealIn an announcement that will shake the industry, publishing powerhouse Activision Publishing, Inc. and Vivendi Games announce a merger to...Dec 02, 2007
Trigger Happy - Videogames and the Entertainment RevolutionSteven Poole, journalist, writer, and composer for television and short films, has decided to give away his first book, Trigger...Nov 23, 2007
Why do we have to die in games?Games often strife to mimic real life, but treat death very loosely. Some World of Warcraft players would probably crawl...Jul 31, 2007
Moral Kombat: a documentary on game violenceTech writer Dean Takahashi announced on his blog that Spencer Halpin, the brother of Entertainment Consumers Association founder Hal Halpin,...Jan 06, 2007
Ubisoft drops StarForce copy protection, more to come?On Ubisoft's Heroes of Might & Magic V forum, a community manager announced that the company has decided to no...Apr 13, 2006
25,000 games on fileThe amount of contributed items for 2005 has easily topped those for 2004. Just before ending this year, we have...Dec 31, 2005