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New face among the Top 50GTramp just entered the coveted list of All-Time Top 50 MobyGames Contributors, joining the other three Russians there and ousting...Apr 24, 2013
Sciere-200K, Kabushi-100K!Our intrepid admin, approver, and long-time contributor Sciere has reached 200000 contribution points. Speculations as to him being a cyborg...Jan 31, 2013
The year 2012 on MobyGames2012 was a great year of platform expansion. Following a few years of relative draught, with new platforms only being...Dec 31, 2012
PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD platform is fully documented on MobyGames!That's right - all the 408 games for the PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD console have their MobyGames entries now,...Aug 06, 2012
The year 2011 on MobyGamesPatrick Bregger from Germany has become the Top Contributor of the year 2011. It is his first title in the...Dec 31, 2011
Sciere-150KThe unstoppable Sciere has reached another milestone: 150000 cold, hard MobyPoints. Not so long ago he inspired us to strive...Oct 11, 2011
FM Towns is in the town!Step by step MobyGames is proving to the whole gaming world that it is not a "US-centric" database some people...Mar 09, 2011
PC-88 and PC-98 are now supported!The long-awaited change is finally there! No more PC-98 entries under DOS - the most popular Japanese computer in history...Jun 29, 2010
Jeanne Hits 60,000Our All-Time Top Female Contributor Jeanne has reached a new milestone - 60, 000 MobyGames contribution points. Jeanne has been...Jan 08, 2010
Welcome a new sub-genre: Visual Novel!MobyYear 2010 opens with a very important addition to our genre structure: Visual Novel now exists as a sub-genre (Non-Sport...Jan 07, 2010
More 2009 StatsThe Top MobyGames Contributor of 2009 is, for the first time, joyvalley from Germany. It is the first time since...Jan 01, 2010
50,000 Games Documented!!!The last year of the first decade of the third millennium opens with a bang on our site: as of...Jan 01, 2010
You Need 10000 To Be On TopQwertyuiop, a MobyGames contributor whose nickname is so easy to type, has scored 10,000 contribution points and also become the...Dec 11, 2009
All PC-FX is belong to us! PC-FX was NEC's Japan-only console; the first games for it were released in the late 1994, the last in 1998....Nov 25, 2009
Xoleras Goes For SilverContributor, approver, and recently an admin of MobyGames, the world-famous Xoleras just surpassed Corn Popper as MG's all-time Number Two...Sep 16, 2009
Second woman to reach 10,000Contributor and approver DJP Mom has become the second woman (after Jeanne) to score 10,000 MobyPoints. DJP Mom has enriched...Sep 06, 2008
9997... 9998... 9999... !!!At this very moment, our veteran MobyGames contributor Kartanym has exactly 9999 points. One more point will allow him to...Mar 20, 2008
Depeche Mike Isguder Joins the Top RanksWith 5293 points, the Turkish/Canadian contributor Depeche Mike Isguder joins the All-Time Top 50 MobyGames Contributors. For comparison, I only...Jan 13, 2008
Another Brazilian Hits The Top FiftyThey have the best football players in the world and sexy samba-dancing tropical girls. But they also have Evil Ryu...Jun 05, 2007
We have a new #1 Top Contributor!!!When you say "Belgium", you think Rubens, French fries, and great beer. But now another name is added to this...Jun 03, 2007
WildKard Hits 10KMobyGames user and approver Fester Blatz... uh... I mean "WildKard", has become the 24th person to collect 10000 or more...Apr 26, 2007
Chirinea-10000The well-known MobyGames contributor and approver chirinea, who is also a specialist in obscure Brazilian console games, has become the...Apr 13, 2007
Two contributors hit 50000Martin Smith and Sciere, two of the most prolific MobyGames contributors in the last years, have almost simultaneously reached 50000...Feb 03, 2007
Two New Faces Among The Top 50Pseudo Intellectual from Canada and chirinea from Brazil have both joined the All Time Top 50 MobyGames Contributors List. The...Aug 24, 2006
Flipkin-1000One of our MobyGames managers, the great business man behind the site, David Berk - also known as flipkin -...Aug 18, 2006
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