What is your position on crowd funded games? (e.g., Kickstarter, Early Access on Steam)


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Game TitlePlatformYearsorted in ascending orderPublisher
Pirates: Legend of the Black BuccaneerPlayStation 2200610tacle studios AG, Valcon Games LLC
SparklePS Vita200610tons Ltd., GameHouse, Inc., MythPeople
Dragon PortalsiPad200910tons Ltd., MythPeople
CrimsonlandPlayStation 4, PS Vita, Windows201410tons Ltd.
Grim JoggersSymbian201110tons Ltd.
Anomaly: Warzone EarthPlayStation 3, Xbox 360201111 bit studios S.A., Microsoft Studios
Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide EditionLinux, Macintosh201317-BIT, Inc.
Men of War: Vietnam - Special EditionWindows20111C Company
State of War: WarmongerWindows20041C Company, Scubb.com B.V., Stardock Entertainment, Inc.
Men of War: Vietnam (Special Edition)Windows20111C Company
State of WarWindows20011C Company, Crystal Interactive Software, Inc.
Full PipeWindows20031C Company, Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
Vietcong: Fist AlphaWindows20041C Company, Gathering of Developers, Inc., Gathering
Carte Blanche: First Episode - For a Fistful of TeethWindows20061C Company, Absurdus, G2 Games
Penumbra CollectionLinux, Macintosh20081C Company, Frictional Games, Paradox Interactive AB, Snowball.ru, Snowball Studios
Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the YearWindows20121C Company
Death to Spies: Gold EditionWindows20101C Company
David Douillet JudoPlayStation 2, Windows20061C Company, Bigben Interactive GmbH, Bigben Interactive S.A.
Death to SpiesWindows20071C Company, Atari, Inc., Nobilis France
Knight Rider 2: The GamePlayStation 2, Windows20041C Company, Davilex Games B.V.
Reign: Conflict of NationsWindows20091C Company, ZOO Corporation
UFO TrilogyWindows20071C Company, 1C Publishing EU s.r.o., ASCARON Entertainment UK Ltd.
You Are EmptyWindows20061C Company, Cenega Publishing, s.r.o., 1C Publishing EU s.r.o., Atari, Inc., Friendware
CuriosityAndroid, iPad, iPhone201222Cans
Enraged Rocket HouseWindows200826k Games
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