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Game TitlePlatformYearsorted in ascending orderPublisher
Oh Shit!MSX1984Aackosoft International B.V., Eaglesoft
Robot WarsMSX1986Aackosoft International B.V.
Alpha BlasterMSX1984Aackosoft International B.V.
MacAttackMSX1986Aackosoft International B.V.
Ultra ChessMSX1985Aackosoft International B.V., Al Alamiah
Ace of AcesMSX1986Accolade, Inc., Atari Corporation, Kixx, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., U.S. Gold Ltd.
Power DriftMSX1988Activision (UK) Limited, Activision, Inc., Activision Publishing, Inc., Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc., Hit Squad, The, SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Space Shuttle: A Journey into SpaceMSX1983Activision (UK) Limited, Activision, Inc., Proein S.L.
Ghostbusters IIMSX1989Activision, Inc., Activision, Inc., Salu Ltd.
Pitfall!MSX1982Activision, Inc., Activision, Inc., Al Alamiah, Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty. Ltd., Microsoft Game Studios, Pony Canyon, Inc.
BallblazerMSX1985Activision (UK) Limited, Activision, Inc., Activision, Inc., Atari Corporation, Epyx, Inc., Mr. Micro Ltd., Pony Canyon, Inc.
Koronis RiftMSX1985Activision, Inc., Activision, Inc., Epyx, Inc.
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsMSX1984Activision, Inc., Activision, Inc., Al Alamiah, Pony Canyon, Inc., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Tandy Corporation
LabyrinthMSX1986Activision, Inc., Pack-In-Video Co., Ltd
BeamriderMSX1983Activision (UK) Limited, Activision, Inc., Activision, Inc.
Alcazar: The Forgotten FortressColecoVision, Commodore 64, MSX1985Activision, Inc., Activision, Inc., Al Alamiah, Pony Canyon, Inc., Telegames, Inc.
Football ManagerMSX1981Addictive Games Ltd, Endurance Games Ltd.
SlapshotAmstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX1984Advantage Artworx, Anirog Software Ltd.
Who Dares Wins IIAmstrad CPC1985Alligata Software Ltd., Alternative Software Ltd., Tynesoft Computer Software
Super DrinkerMSX1983Ample Software
Scramble EggsMSX1983Ample Software
CastlequestMSX, NES1985ASCII Corporation, NEXOFT Corporation
BoomerangMSX1984ASCII Corporation
Penguin-Kun WarsMSX1985ASCII Corporation, NEXOFT Corporation, UPL Co., Ltd
Midnight BuildingMSX1983ASCII Corporation
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