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CircusBrowser1982Adventuresoft UK Ltd., Channel 8 Software, Digital Fantasia, Molimerx Ltd., Paxman Promotions Ltd.
The Citadel of ChaosCommodore 64, ZX Spectrum1984Puffin Books Ltd.
Classic 20QBrowser1995
Clean Asia!Macintosh2007Cactus Games, Cactus Software
Cloak of DarknessBrowser, Windows1999
Close RangeBrowser2009The Onion
Cloud MasterArcade1988Hot-B Co., Ltd., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Taito Corporation
Cobra CommandiPhone1984Data East Corporation, Data East USA, Inc., Jitensha Sōgyō, Renovation Products, Inc., Revolutionary Concepts, Victor Company of Japan, Ltd., Wolf Team
CoCo Text AdventuresAndroid2014
The Colder LightBrowser2012
Colossal AdventureOric1982Entersoft Ltd, Level 9 Computing, Ltd.
Colossal CaveBrowser1994
Colossal CaveWindows2006
Colossal Cave AdventureBrowser2014AMC Network Entertainment LLC
Colossal Cave AdventureWindows2007
Colossal Cave AdventureAndroid2009EC Software Consulting, Inc.
Colossal Cave Adventure for Native ClientBrowser2011
Communist Mutants From SpaceWindows2005
COMPUTE!'s Guide to Adventure Games (included game)Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, Commodore PET/CBM, DOS, TI-99/4A, TRS-80, TRS-80 CoCo, VIC-201984COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
Congo BongoArcade1983Coleco Industries, Inc., SEGA Enterprises, Inc., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Texas Instruments Incorporated
The ConvergenceBrowser2011Currant Cat
Conway's Game of LifeDOS, Palm OS, Windows1996
Cooking MamaiPhone2006505 GameStreet, Majesco Entertainment Company, Taito Corporation
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