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Jumpin' JackCommodore 64, MSX, VIC-201982Advantage Computer Accessories, Inc., LiveWire Software UK
Jump JetDragon 32/641983Dragon Data Ltd.
Junior's RevengeDragon 32/64, TRS-80 CoCo1983Computerware, Dragon Data Ltd.
KarnovMacintosh1987Activision, Inc., Data East Corporation, Data East USA, Inc., Electric Dreams Software, Namco Limited
The Ket TrilogyBBC Micro, Commodore 64, Dragon 32/64, Electron, ZX Spectrum1984Incentive Software Ltd.
Kikstart: Off-Road SimulatorCommodore 1281986Mastertronic Ltd.
Kim Pong IlAmiga2014
Kineko: The Monitor Puzzle - Vol. IINES1987Irem Corp.
Kinetic ConnectionGame Gear1991SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Kinetic ConnectionNES1986Electronic Arts, Inc., Irem Corp., Sony Corporation
KlaxAtari 7800, Game Boy Color, SEGA Master, Atari Corporation, Domark Software Ltd., Domark Ltd., Erbe Software, S.A., Hit Squad, The, Hudson Soft Company, Ltd., Midway Games, Inc., Atari Games Corporation, Mindscape, Inc., Namco Limited, ResQsoft Productions, Tengen Inc., Tengen Ltd.
Knight LoreNES1984Aackosoft International B.V., Dro Soft, Jaleco Ltd., Nippon Dexter Co., Ltd., Ashby Computers and Graphics Ltd.
Knights and Merchants: The Shattered KingdomAmiga19981C Company, Linux Game Publishing Ltd., e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh,, TopWare Interactive
Knights of the SkyAtari ST1990Kixx, MicroProse Japan K.K., MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd.
KrellVIC-201982Rabbit Software LTD
KriegspielDragon 32/641983Beyond
KujakuōSEGA Master System1988SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Kwazy KwaksVIC-201984Mr Chip Software
The Labyrinth of TimeAmiga1993Electronic Arts, Inc., Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co
LadyBugCommodore PET/CBM2013NOP Software
Lady BugAtari 26001981Champ Games, Coleco Industries, Inc., Universal Co., Ltd.
Lady SafariMSX1988OMK Software
Landing at IoAmiga1987
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