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Save LarisaDOS1998
Scud AtakDOS1991
Search for the Ultimate WeaponWindows2008
Seas of BloodAmstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum1985Adventure International (UK)
Secret MissionBrowser, Commodore 64, TRS-80, VIC-20, ZX Spectrum1979Adventure International, Adventure International (UK), Commodore Business Machines, Inc, Commodore, Creative Computing Software, StarCraft, Inc., Texas Instruments Incorporated, The Software Exchange
SeicrossArcade1984FCI, HAMSTER Corporation, Nihon Bussan Co., Ltd., Pony Canyon, Inc.
Sellardore TalesMacintosh, Windows2002Topologika Software Ltd.
Server QuestBrowser2008Microsoft Game Studios
Seventh SenseLinux, Macintosh, Windows2009
Sex And Violence Vol 1Commodore 641988Free Spirit Software Inc.
Sex GamesBrowser, Commodore 641985
Sex OlympicsAmiga, Atari ST1990Free Spirit Software Inc.
SeXoniXDOS, ZX Spectrum1994HeroCraft Ltd
Sex Vixens From SpaceAmiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS1988Free Spirit Software Inc.
ShadeBrowser, DOS, iPad, iPhone2000Zarfhome Software Consulting, LLC
Shadow DancerArcade1989SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc., U.S. Gold Ltd.
ShadowgateMacintosh1987Kemco/Seika, Kotobuki System Co., Ltd., Mindscape, Inc., Viacom New Media
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective 1 - The Case of the Mummy's CurseiPad2012Reverb Triple XP, Zojoi, LLC
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective 2 - The Case of the Tin SoldieriPad2012Reverb Triple XP, Zojoi, LLC
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective 3 - The Case of the Mystified MurderessiPad2012Reverb Triple XP, Zojoi, LLC
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 1: Murder at the Diogenes ClubiPad, iPhone2012AppEndix LLC
Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries 2: The Black River EmeraldiPad, iPhone2013AppEndix LLC
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