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A Blurred LineWindows2001
AciaCommodore 641989CP Verlag
Adventures of Lolo Game Boy1994Imagineer Co., Ltd., Nintendo UK Entertainment Limited
AlienCommodore 641990CP Verlag
Amazing TaterGame Boy1991Atlus Co., Ltd., Atlus Software, Inc.
Another WorldCommodore 641991CP Verlag
The Arc of YesodCommodore 64, ZX Spectrum1985Thor Computer Software
Axe of RageCommodore 641988Epyx, Inc., Kixx, Palace Software, Ltd., Superior Software Ltd., Superior Interactive
The Baby of Can GuruCommodore 641987Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
Battle BlazeSNES1992Sammy Corporation, Sammy USA Corporation
Beast WrestlerGenesis1991Renovation Products, Inc., Telenet Japan Co., Ltd.
Biker Mice from MarsSNES1994Konami Co., Ltd., Konami (America), Inc.
Black PantherCommodore 641991CP Verlag
BobixCommodore 641994CP Verlag
The Book of ThreeWindows2001
Bounce ItCommodore 641993CP Verlag
BoxxleGame Boy1989FCI, Pony Canyon, Inc., Riverhill Soft Inc.
Boxxle IIGame Boy1990FCI, Pony Canyon, Inc.
The BrainiesSNES1991Brutal Deluxe Software, Inline Design, Kalisto, Loriciels, Loriciel SA, Titus France SA
BreakThru!SNES1994Shoeisha Co., Ltd., Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.
Captain NovolinSNES1992Health Hero Network, Inc.
Captain SilverNES1987Data East Corporation, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc., Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.
CastorCommodore 641995CP Verlag
Choplifter IIIGame Boy, Game Gear1993Ocean Software Ltd., Extreme Entertainment Group, Inc., Melbourne House
Choplifter III: Rescue SurviveSNES1994Ocean Software Ltd., Extreme Entertainment Group, Inc., Victor Entertainment Inc.
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