Lee Seitz

Game Details

Game title: Jet
Platform: DOS
List name: Lee's PC Trade Fodder
List description: These are games that I'm either not (yet) real attached to, no longer want, or only picked up for trading. I'm willing to outright sell most of these, so feel free to make an offer if you don't have anything to trade. (My want list is here. For anything that's not a PC game, please visit my Trading Post.) Please note that this list is in progress and not all items' conditions have yet been evaluated.
Willing to Trade: Yes
Comments: Disk may not work; needs more testing; rating doesn't take this into account! NOTE: Disk is currently loaned out for testing, so I cannot trade this package until I get it back. Includes 8.5x11 sheet advertising San Francisco and Japan scenery disks (folded). Will trade for UFO in similar condition.

Condition of Game

Condition Location Comments
Box/Packaging Very Good    
Original Media Near Mint    
Manual Very Good    
Reference Card Fine    
Additional Items Very Good